Didgeridoo sound therapy balanced me on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Amazing!! Thank you.


With one didge my heart and breathing raced and then the cleansing began followed by a bombarding of the things cleared in the session by ‘Big Bertha’, which is a very powerful Didgeridoo. The after affects left me a little mind drunk and the sleep afterwards was deep, peaceful and relaxing. One of the most rewarding and unusual therapies I have ever tried. I want to try it again.


As I lay there I felt this sense of relaxation beginning at my feet and moving right up through my body bringing a sense of well-being.  After a while I felt my heart opening more and a huge grin on my face.


I had a Didgeridoo healing session with Gregg and it was fantastic! During the treatment I I felt deeply relaxed. Afterward I slept like a baby, the next day and for some time after I felt uplifted and almost euphoric. What an amazing experience and what a gifted therapist!  I haven’t stopped telling everyone about it, Highly recommened!


It was a lovely balance of movement and relaxation.  I arrived feeling tense and left feeling relaxed and positive.


The didge yoga day made me feel relaxed, energised, peaceful and I left with a smile.