Thank you very much again for such an amazing workshop. For me it was a very emotional and surreal experience. It felt like that amazing sound made the yoga somehow easier and more natural. I felt relaxed and more positive afterwards. 🙂 Simona


I felt the yoga was greatly complimented by the didge. It helped me to breathe better and create a great inner atmosphere. I loved the didge tribal dancing too. Ali. Yoga Teacher.


I was able to learn a different approach and technique with yoga. Using the didgeridoo the whole experience of postures was intensified as blockages were cleared. A totally joyous and uplifting experience. Tracey..


The didge yoga day made me feel relaxed, energised, peaceful and I left with a smile. Rosie


The day brought me home to myself. Jill


It was a lovely balance of movement and relaxation. I arrived feeling tense and left feeling relaxed and positive. Ann


A fantastic balance of sound healing and Dru yoga, feeling energised and calm, Thank you for a wonderful day, can’t wait for the next one. Val..

Lynn McKay

Thankyou Gregg ,for the beutiful amazing journey, and bringing the didgeridoo into my life.  I have never experienced such powerfull healing sound,my heart is full of love for the spirit of the aborigines,namaste. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”


Lisa Boogie

Thank you DiZsa for your beautiful frequencies ❤& Gregg for blowing away my troubled mind

Ursula McNamee

thank you to DiZsa and Gregg for a wonderful experience such a lovely space and felt so good afterwards, mind blowing was amazing thank you so much everyone Namaste xxx