Gareth Hall – Senior Teacher Kisimul School

Thank you for your recent visit to Swinderby school, the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive and students seemed to benefit greatly from this unique style of therapy. I was informed that all of the students in my class found this calming and it helped them relax for the day.

Gareth Hall
Senior Teacher
Kisimul School

Ginny Matthew, Sense Children’s Specialist Services

Gregg has been to several of our family days, giving children and young people an opportunity to learn about and experience the stories and sounds of the digeridoos. Gregg is always willing to adapt his sessions to fit in with us, or when things don’t go according to plan, such as having to move rooms halfway through his last session with us due to a double booking! He always allows each individual time to explore the didgeridoos, everyone seems to find the sound and vibrations both fascinating and very relaxing and we always have very positive comments from everyone. We hope he can continue to work with us at future events.

Ginny Matthew

Senior Children and Family Support Worker

Sense Children’s Specialist Services

Jenni, Leics

Following a ‘yoga with didge’ session (2015), I mentioned to Gregg about how I had experienced waves of vivid ‘Australian’ colours behind my eyes whilst listening to the didge & that this had pointed me towards resolving a design block which I’d had on a particular textile project working with Australian fabrics. After I returned home, whilst the experience was still fresh in my mind’s eye, I pulled out all the fabrics from my stash which matched my colour images & put them ready to work.

I often play music whilst working as it seems to me to help the decision-making process when designing/making in an improvisational way and Gregg’s CD, The Deepening, seemed to be exactly the right music to play whilst working on a ‘Down Under’ project.

It may seem absurd to say this, but whilst working I was struck by the thought that music in general seems to be the sounds of the air & that, by contrast, didge music sounds as if it comes from the very earth itself. I feel that listening to it brought me in tune with the place & wanted to say ‘thank you’ Gregg for both your contributions to my work!

Acacia Hall Autism Special School

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful sessions you provided our school with. The students appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves and it was lovely to see how engaged they were throughout. Our verbal students described the sessions as ‘amazing’ and ‘fun’ and were asking when they could do the session again!

The sessions were fabulous for all of our students whom have SLD, ASD, behavioural difficulties and communication difficulties. A lot of our young people also have a lot of sensory difficulties and this therapy appeared to meet their needs very well, with all students relaxed and engaging well with the therapy.

I cannot recommend your therapy enough and it is much appreciated,

Thank you!

Lauren Scarborough


Through meditating with the didge, I am now connected to my guide who advises me, guides me and shows me the way.  Every session I am given answers to my questions.   I love this class and always excited to join in.  Amazing work by Gregg.

Thank you

Phoenix Special School, London

The students loved it and were very relaxed.
Thanks Anne

The students relaxed completely as did the adults. I would love to see this come to the school again.
Teaching Assistant, 3J

Very soothing and relaxing, relaxed the children and they were very calm.
Thank you from 3M

Extremely calming and different to the usual relaxation sessions. Students engaged by watching the didgeridoo and the setting.
Thanks Thena
KS5 Teacher

It was very calming and something unique for the children and staff. The children were relaxing and lying down.
Erna, Teaching Assistant

Thank you for a great session, the pupils found the session very relaxing and enjoyed having a go themselves. Great Fun!
Carlye, Teacher

Very interesting and relaxing. Kept the children quiet and relaxed, thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the kids.
Class 2L

Very interesting session. All children enjoyed taking part in it.
Class 1B

Class 2M appeared very calm and relaxed during the session. I felt that they benefitted from the session.
Class 2M
Most of the children in the class really enjoyed it were sitting and were relaxed.

Very Relaxing for the children, they all responded very well to the man playing the didgeridoo
Class 2H

It was very relaxing for the children. All children remained calm all throughout even the children who are unable to sit during long periods were completely calm. It was brilliant!
Class 2G

It was very relaxing for the children and they loved it, they kept calm and they responded very well.
Class 3F

It was very calming and relaxing for both the children and staff. Thank you very much!
Class 1J

Haven Cottage

It was a very enjoyable session, we had 4 young people in and all of them appeared to fully enjoy the whole session. Gregg was very good at allowing each child some one to one time and he varied how he interacted with the young people from the responses they were giving him.

The session appeared to relax one young person, this was observed by staff noticing her hands, which she usually has curled up and ridged were slightly opened and she was moving her arms.

One young man responded to the didgeridoo and Gregg by moving himself towards them throughout the session.

Another young lady in the session made good eye contact with Gregg while he was giving he some one to one time which is unusual for her.

Jenny Russell

Haven Cottage


One of the great joys of being in a didgeridoo sound bath is that the vibrations meet us wherever we are in our lives.  We may have a particular situation in our life; we may need some physical healing; or we may not know why we have been drawn to experience a sound bath, it doesn’t matter.

The sound surrounds us and envelops us, before moving through our physical body in a way that is suitable for us.  We are left relaxed, healed and rejuvenated and more of who we were born to be.

Thank you Gregg!

Dr Les Willmore

I was fortunate to experience one of Gregg’s healing didge sessions outdoors in his tent at Barefoot Festival, a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that it was a wonderful, uplifting experience and I confide that Gregg is a truly caring and compassionate individual, whom I admire; and would trust and recommend without hesitation … Les
(Dr Les Willmore)


I felt that didgeridoo yoga really helped with the symptoms of auto immune disease called Multi Focal Motor Neuropathy. Basically my feet feel numb / huge and I occasionally get some feeling during hospital treatment, but…….a few days after the second session I started to have some feeling and this carried on for maybe two months afterwards.