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Didgeridoo Sound Therapy Online Webinar Sessions are streamed live to your PC, Laptop or Ipad.

Join in on this world wide Didgeridoo Sound Therapy and Healing session as together we send healing intention out to each other and to where it is needed.


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Effect on the Mind

A broad range of lower and higher frequency didgridoos have different effects on the mind.

Lower frequency didgeridoos entrain the brainwaves to states of deep relaxation.

Higher frequency didgeridoos entrain the brainwaves to a state of feeling energised and revitalised.

Stimulates all of the senses and bypasses the conscious mind.

Is a great way to achieve deep meditation and mindfulness.

Is a non-talk based therapy.


Effect on the Physical Body

The physical body consists of around 70% water which is an excellent conductor of sound.

The vibrations of the didgeridoo travel right through the body.

Works the same way that medical ultrasound works to relieve muscular and skeletal aches and pains.


While you may be not be able to fully experience the vibrations of the didgeridoo, Didgeridoo Healing TV sessions still have an effect on the mind and the energy system and since we are all inter-connected through energy, you are receiving distance healing of the didgeridoo.


Energy System

We are a complex system of energy consisting of meridians and chakra centers.

The Didgeridoo helps to clear stagnant energy held in this energy system.

Provides an experience of what our energy system feels like.

Provides and opportunity to experience inter-connectedness with the planet, humanity and the universe..



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