Meet the Aussie

Gregg Chapman AKA ‘The Didgeridoo Man’

and learn interesting things about Australia.

You’ll be blown away!

Be Blown Away!
Meet Aussie, Gregg Chapman AKA ‘The Didgeridoo Man’ and learn interesting things about Australia.

His workshops for primary schools are fun and interactive and cover aspects of the school curriculum.

Can include the following topics:

  • Animals and creepy crawlies
  • Climate
  • Were is Australia?
  • Discovery of Australia
  • British Connections
  • How to speak ‘Strine’
  • Learn how to play the Didgeridoo
  • Have a go on a plastic didgeridoo
  • Didgeridoo performance
  • Storytelling
  • Aussie Songs and National Anthem
  • Aboriginal Dot Painting
A big thank-you from us too – we really enjoyed the day and the children have been talking about didgeridoos ever since (a tricky word for 4 and 5 year olds to master!). Nadine

Teacher, Bottesford Infant School

The children really enjoyed the workshop and it has influenced their learning and inspired them by bringing the Australian theme in our topic to life. The didgeridoo playing was a lot of fun and the children can talk knowledgeably about all the exciting facts they learned.

Many Thanks. Jeanette

Teacher, Ingoldsby Academy

Year 4 had a wonderful day with Gregg the Didgeridoo Man. He held the whole school entranced for an extended assembly during which he persuaded the whole school onto their feet for a rendition of the Australian national anthem, gave us a wealth of Australian facts and treated us to a fabulous didgeridoo display.


During subsequent workshops, he spoke to Year 4 at length about his Australian heritage, before attempting to teach us to play the didgeridoo. He was patient, encouraging and relaxed with the children at all times, building a safe environment where most children felt confident enough to attempt solo renditions. Lois Ogier

Teacher, Applecroft Primary School

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