Didgeridoo Sound Bath at Sleaford Solo Bar




Come along to a Didgeridoo Sound Bath and Meditation facilitated by Aussie, Gregg Chapman.

Experience what it feels like to be bigger than your physical body as the low frequency range of the didgeridoo slows down your brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation. The lizard brain slows down which means that our creativity can have a chance to be in the drivers seat. The session is a journey and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, fully present and grounded back in the physical body.


– Reduces stress

– Better sleep

– Clears stagnant thoughts and emotions

– Helps the physical body to heal

– Boosts creativity

You will need to come along with an open mind and something to lay down on such as yoga mat, blanket, cushion etc.

Chairs will be provided if needed.

Please let me know in advance if you are pregnant or have any heart conditions.