Didgeridoo Sound Therapy is a wonderful experience for Women who are pregnant as the vibrations of the didgeridoo provides a non touch sound massage which may alleviate muscular tension due to carrying the extra weight of a baby.

Also the baby will feel the vibrations of the Didgeridoo and may respond by turning around and becoming active or may become more relaxed.

It is also nice for partners and other children to participate in the session as didgeridoo sound therapy is about bringing harmony and creating a welcoming atmosphere for the newborn baby to arrive.

It is possible that Gregg may come to your home depending on travel.

Alternatively, the CD as found in the shop may also be of benefit and has certainly been played during giving birth.

I was recommended to try a Didgeridoo Sound Therapy session with Gregg as I was looking for something both grounding and relaxing during the last week of my pregnancy.  Being 39 weeks pregnant I was feeling a little anxious and tired…Gregg’s didgeridoo session really centered and relaxed me, but at the same time energized my body.   During the session I went on a journey and could feel my energy shifting and felt as though the cells of my body were spinning and opening.   My baby also seemed to really enjoy the journey because she moved in an energetic but peaceful way, kicking and rolling.  I had a feeling that the session would somehow ground both myself and the baby and found this to be the case.  Afterwards I definitely felt more relaxed and as though my aura had been thoroughly cleansed.  I’ve decided to take Gregg’s CD into the birth centre with me to play during labour!    Kate Maclean (21.3.12) 

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