Australian and Didgeridoo Workshops for schools

Gregg's Australian themed workshops are fun and interactive and cover many areas of the curriculum including:

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC)
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
  • Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship (PSHE and C)
  • Cross Curricular subjects including: music, art, geography, and religious education

Introduction to playing the didgeridoo

  • Demonstration of how to playthe didgeridoo
  • Understand the importance of the didgeridoo to Aboriginal spirituality and culture
  • Participants will understand how to play the basic drone and use their vocals on a didgeridoo
  • Participants will each have the use of a plastic didgeridoo during the session

Cultural and Spiritual background of the Didgeridoo

  • Understand the inter-connectedness between Australia, the United Kingdom and Aboriginal Culture
  • Learn how the didgeridoo is made completely from nature
  • Understand the cultural and spiritual importance of the didgeridoo
  • Dream time story telling will help students to understand the importance of valuing themselves and being in harmony with each other, the environment, world and universe
  • Have a feeling of reverence towards all life

Australian Culture

  • Australian Animals
  • Australian Slang
  • Famous People
  • Australian famous land marks
  • Colonisation

We had a lovely day with Gregg during our Australian arts week. He did an informative intro to all the children on Australia and then didgeridoo workshops with different year groups throughout the day. We were impressed that most children could make some different sounds by the end of a short workshop and it was a fantastic new experience for them.

Judith Heffernan
Pennyhill Primary School

Year 4 had a wonderful day with Gregg the Didgeridoo Man. He held the whole school entranced for an extended assembly during which he persuaded the whole school onto their feet for a rendition of the Australian national anthem, gave us a wealth of Australian facts and treated us to a fabulous didgeridoo display.

During subsequent workshops, he spoke to Year 4 at length about his Australian heritage, before attempting to teach us to play the didgeridoo. He was patient, encouraging and relaxed with the children at all times, building a safe environment where most children felt confident enough to attempt solo renditions.

Lois Ogier
Applecroft Primary School

Just a quick one to say how much the Year 2 team enjoyed having you in today. The children got loads out of it…so much so that I know they may well want to have you back next year! Thanks for being great with the
children – your attitude towards them will make today even more memorable for them.

We look forward to working with you again soon!

Best wishes
Cherry Orchard Primary School