My name is Gregg Chapman, also known as The Didgeridoo Man. I am an Australian, although I live in Lincoln in the UK with my British wife. My professional background has been in youth work, mental health and training in the charitable and public sectors. I have been playing the Didgeridoo since 2007 and since then my health has improved and I have become much more relaxed.

I have been interested in alternative therapies from a very young age and was a Reiki Master by the age of 22. I believe that we all have the ability to live a fulfilling life through becoming aware of our thoughts, words and actions and this is what I help facilitate my clients to discover. I am very interested in the power of thought and I am a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. I train Students and Teachers in Schools, Universities and Colleges the art of meditation and stress management.  I also see clients for private didgeridoo sound therapy sessions, neuro linguistic programming and energy pyschology.

I am a musician and have played in a band called the The Naira Project, where I played the Didgeridoo, vocals, keyboard and accordion. I also like to play the Didgeridoo with friends and anyone who is interested in this fascinating and spiritual instrument.

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy came to me in early 2009 when a friend asked me to play on her shoulder that had been giving her long term pain. She reported a few days later that she could raise her arm for the first time above her shoulder in months. It has developed since there and I now run regular meditation groups with the didgeridoo, work in schools, see clients for personal sessions and teach people to play the didgeridoo.

I am Australian born, although I do not profess to have direct connection to Aboriginal culture and spirituality, I do however have deep appreciation for their spiritual and cultural traditions.

The Didgeridoo is an important part of my life although second in line to my lovely wife. It gives me a huge amount of happiness and a sense of purpose to share the therapeutic and healing benefits of the Didgeridoo.